Waddle in your wellies to the zoo

There's lots to do at Edinburgh Zoo regardless of the weather, so bring your wellies and a sense of adventure for a ROAR-some day out!

Cosy up with our koalas or hide out from the rain with our hippos – don't let the unpredictable Scottish weather stop you visiting some of our loveable furry faces.

Budongo Trail moat and chimpanzees sitting in the distance Image: RZSS 2021

Visit our Budongo Trail, home to our troop of chimpanzees. Fully indoors, Budongo allows you to watch these amazing animals and learn about the links between humans and our closest relative.

Say hi to our chimps
Linne's two-toed sloth Nico hanging upside down from rope. IMAGE: Rhiordan Langan-Fortune 2023

Hang out with the UK's only Linne's two-toed sloths, Nico and Feira, in our sloth house. You'll typically find them napping, as sloths spend at least 15 hours a day snoozing! Our sloth house is fully indoors and warm and toasty to mimic Nico and Feira's natural habitat – the rainforest. You will also find some of our armadillos in the sloth house.

Hang out with Nico and Fe
Queensland koala sitting up on a nook in a branch with one hand holding itself and one in front Image: ALLIE MCGREGOR 2024

Warm up in our Queensland koala walk-through with Kalari, Talara and Myaree – the UK's only koalas. Here, you can shelter from the wet weather, watch our koalas munch on eucalyptus in the trees and visit some of our armadillos.

Get cosy with our koalas
Two capuchins sitting on a branch IMAGE: Amy Middleton 2023

As well as being an amazing indoor attraction, Living Links is a research centre for the study of primates. Our brown capuchins and common squirrel monkeys live here together, as they would usually form mixed-species groups in the wild.

Learn more about Living Links
lue poison dart frog looking at the camera (eye-contact) IMAGE: Laura Moore (2023)

A BIG attraction for the smallest of animals, Wee Beasties is an indoor exhibition home to some exciting species including, reptiles, amphibians and insects. You can find Wee Beasties behind our penguin enclosure.

Visit our Wee Beasties
The Gannet food selection IMAGE: Laura Moore 2022

Find shelter and some delicious food in one of our on-site restaurants and cafes. The Gannet will fuel you up with some delicious fish and chips or vegan wraps, or grab a breakfast roll and a delicious hot chocolate from Penguins Café. All our eateries offer indoor seating.

Grab some tasty treats

A lot of our outdoor animals also have indoor viewing areas – Qabid the rhino, Otto and Gloria the pygmy hippos and our bachelor herd of giraffes.

Plan your visit