Pokémon Go at Edinburgh Zoo

We are delighted to have multiple PokéStops and gyms located at various points around the zoo! 

Waddle this way to battle at one of our gyms or get your steps up by wandering around the 82 acres of sloping parkland – all whilst meeting some of the 2,500+ incredible animals that live at the zoo!

Pokémon Go kangaroo and doduo IMAGE: Lauren Metcalfe 2024

Our gyms

We have four Pokémon Go gyms at Edinburgh Zoo.

  • Penguins Rock – this gym is located at the penguin enclosure
  • Budongo Trail Bench – this gym can be found at the lower entrance to the Budongo Trail chimpanzee enclosure
  • Life Size Orangutan Statue – this gym can be found between the pygmy hippo enclosure and the Budongo playground
  • Iron Tortoise – this gym is on the path up to the wildcat and tiger enclosures

Play safe

Are you a parent of a passionate Pokemon fan? Please read the NSPCC's recommendations for keeping children safe whilst playing online games.

Please note:

If you are playing Pokémon Go at Edinburgh Zoo, please do so safely and remain fully aware of your surroundings. 

Our terms and conditions of entry apply at all times. Anyone found venturing off footpaths, disregarding barriers or in the zoo outside standard opening hours will be removed immediately.

Entry Terms and Conditions
Pokémon Go meerkat and growlithe IMAGE: Lauren Metcalfe 2024