Curious about animals? Make the most of your visit to Edinburgh Zoo by attending one of our daily animal talks and encounters! 

This page is updated at 10am daily. Talks and tours are subject to change and are located at the featured animal enclosure unless stated otherwise. 

Chilean flamingo side on in water IMAGE: Amy Middleton (2022)

10:30am – Flamingo

Discover how flamingos may look delicate, but they’re one of the most hardcore birds on our planet. Did you know – flamingos are pink because of the carotenoids (red pigments) found in the algae and shrimps they eat? These pigments are also found in carrots and peppers. Watch out for… our flamingos standing on one leg (what you think is their knee is actually their ankle)!

Meerkat sitting on a rock. IMAGE: Amy Middleton 2023

11:30am – Meerkat

Discover why our meerkats are far more terrifying than they seem! Did you know – a mob of meerkats is led by a dominant female, who rules with an iron paw? Watch out for… our meerkats digging out delicious juicy bugs from the sand.

Chimpanzees Masindi Velu


2:30pm – Chimpanzee

Discover how chimpanzees are such intelligent creatures that for over 80 years, they’ve been challenging the very definition of what it means to be human. Did you know – chimpanzees are more closely related to humans than they are to gorillas?   Watch out for… our youngest chimp, two-year-old Masindi, swinging about and causing mischief for her mum Helene.  

Group of Asian small clawed otters looking at camera standing on their back legs outdoors among Autumn trees IMAGE: Rhiordan Langan-Fortune 2023

3pm – Otter

Discover the otter-ly outstanding communication skills of our family of Asian small-clawed otters! Did you know – otters leave each other complex messages with their poop, known as ‘spraints’? Watch out for… our otters cleverly breaking into their breakfast. Otters are so smart that they have learned to leave shellfish out in the sun and wait for the heat to crack them open!