The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland is celebrating the hatching of six vulturine guineafowl chicks at Edinburgh Zoo after their parents featured in the recent BBC Scotland documentary, Inside the Zoo.  

In the show, staff at the wildlife conservation charity were hopeful that Phillip, a grumpy vulturine guineafowl, would mate with the zoo’s female, Anne. 

Sean Meechan, senior bird keeper at Edinburgh Zoo said, “We are thrilled to have successfully hatched these chicks here at the zoo. This is the first time in over six years we have bred the species, which is native to East Africa. 

“Philip has a reputation for being a little grumpy and has been known to take a disliking to some of our hoofstock keepers who go into the enclosure to look after our herd of Kirk's dik-dik, but we’re sure he’s going to make a great dad.  

“We have hand-reared the chicks to make sure they get the best possible care whilst they are so young and vulnerable, and they are all doing great, but they aren’t out and about just yet.  

Visitors to Edinburgh Zoo will be able spot the chicks’ parents Phillip and Anne, along with a herd of dik-dik and East African crowned cranes inside the zoo’s African Aviary. 

You can catch up on all eight episodes of Inside the Zoo on BBC iPlayer.

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