A rare Malayan tapir has been born at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo.

The birth is the latest chapter in the charity’s success story with this endangered species, with the Zoo having welcomed eight tapir calves since 2007.

Malayan tapirs are increasingly threatened in the wild by habitat loss and hunting so the European conservation breeding programme plays a key role in protecting the species from extinction.

Jonny Appleyard, team leader for hoofstock at Edinburgh Zoo, said, “Malayan tapir populations in the wild are continuing to decline, so all births are incredibly valuable to the breeding programme and we’re really excited about our latest arrival.

“At the moment he is staying very close to mum Sayang but will soon find his feet and start to follow her outside.”

Update 12/2/19:

Following a public vote featuring a shortlist of names put forward by RZSS patrons, the young tapir was named Megat.

Update 29/4/19:

We’re very sad to announce the loss of Megat, our Malayan tapir calf. Already a favourite with our staff, members and visitors, Megat passed away in April after a short illness.




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