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The Zoo is a great place to play Pokemon Go!

Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm and Edinburgh Zoo’s 82 acres of sloping parkland has its fair share of PokéStops and gyms! To help all our visiting Pokémon trainers, we have created a special Pokémon Go map to enhance your visit, along with a gallery of some of the Pokémon found so far.

On your next visit, explore our amazing collection of endangered animals and maybe even find some rare Pokémon. Battle for control of the Penguins Rock Gym and then stick around to enjoy the Penguin Parade!

Are you a parent of a passionate Pokemon fan? please read the NSPCC's guide to keeping children safe whilst playing PokemonGo

Please note:

If you are playing PokemonGo at Edinburgh Zoo, please do so safely and remain fully aware of your surroundings. Our terms and conditions of entry apply at all times. Anyone found venturing off footpaths, disregarding barriers or in the Zoo outwith standard opening hours will be removed immediately and the police are likely to be called. 

PokemonGo map of Edinburgh Zoo

A few of the Pokemon found at Edinburgh Zoo so far!

  • A Dratini hanging out near the pygmy hippos

  • Drowzee meeting the gentoos at Penguins Rock

  • Eevee and the Southern three-banded armadillos

  • Goldeen in front of the Rock Hyrax

  • Horsea spotted near the Mansion House

  • A Krabby

  • Seel joining the colony at Penguins Rock

  • Pidgeotto at Lemur walkthrough

  • Poliwag next to the sun bears

  • Pidgey at the Meerkat benches

  • Vulpix at the Penguin Cafe

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