We are sad to announce the loss of David, our eldest chimpanzee, who had been experiencing age related health problems.

Taking into account his quality of life and wellbeing, our vets and animal keepers advised David should be put to sleep to ensure he did not suffer.

At 46-years-old, David was one of our oldest animals and was born here at the zoo in 1975. He was a lively member of our chimp troop with a big personality, even after he retired as the group’s alpha some years ago. David fathered six babies in total, including Kilimi who still lives at our Budongo Trail.

He will be greatly missed and our thoughts are with everyone who cared for him.

Why we have chimpanzees at Edinburgh Zoo

The Budongo Trail is one of the world's most innovative and interactive chimpanzee enclosures which provides a highly stimulating environment and an excellent standard of care, including private spaces where all our chimps can choose to be away from public view at any time.

Our chimpanzee troop play a vital role as ambassadors, raising awareness of the threats facing their species in the wild and inspiring visitors to help safeguard threatened wildlife around the world.

Every visit to Edinburgh Zoo helps protect endangered animals in Scotland and across the globe, including wild chimpanzees in Uganda where we work closely with the local community to combine cutting-edge research with practical action on the ground.

Through collaborative projects such as the Budongo Research Unit, led by the University of St Andrew in partnership with our charity, we can continue to make global advances for conservation and animals.

The voluntary studies carried out here enhance our knowledge of chimpanzees and how they interact with the world around them. This information contributes to the continued protection and conservation of this endangered species and their wild habitats.

As well as contributing to significant research, the games and puzzles presented add an additional mentally stimulating dimension to the lives of our troop.

As our planet’s rich biodiversity declines at an alarming rate, zoos and wildlife conservation charities like the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland are more relevant than ever before. We are in a unique position to provide a safe haven for threatened species, protect animals in the wild, foster deep and lasting connections with nature and inspire the conservationists of the future.

Find out how you can help at edinburghzoo.org.uk/help

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