A critically endangered swift parrot chick born at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo has successfully fledged the nest after hatching in July 

This is the first time the wildlife conservation charity has bred the critically endangered species which is native to Tasmania, where there are thought to be only around 2,000 birds left in the wild. 

Sean Meechan, senior bird keeper at Edinburgh Zoo said, “We are thrilled to have successfully hatched a swift parrot chick here at the zoo.  

“This is the first time these parents have bred and raised a chick, but they have done a fantastic job and the chick fully fledged the nest earlier this month. It has now been given its own identification band and we will find out in the coming weeks whether our new arrival is a girl or a boy. 

Swift parrots are critically endangered in the wild and this youngster represents a potentially important contribution to the future of the species, which is at risk of extinction due to extensive habitat loss and predation. 

Visitors to Edinburgh Zoo can spot the swift parrot family, along with several other bird species, including the Socorro dove which is extinct in the wild, inside the zoo’s Brilliant Birds aviary. 

Sean added, “Our swift parrots can be very elusive because they are almost exactly the same colour as the leaves inside Brilliant Birds and are one of our smallest species in the aviarySo be sure to look out for their red facial markings when visiting.” 

If you'd like to adopt our swift parrots, or any of our other animals please visit our adoption page for more information.

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