Summer school

During Summer School, children will discover the amazing animals, habitats and cultures of different places around the world. As well as finding out about the threats animals face today, and how we can help, children will take part in a range of fun activities such as zoo trails, games, arts and crafts, animal handling, building enrichment devices and much, much more!

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Summer Conservation Action Team (CAT)

Summer CAT is based out of Edinburgh Zoo’s Wildlife Garden Yurt where children will take part in a range of activities including planting, building, animal surveying, games, trails, campfires and much more!

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Science Summer School

A FREE course run within the schools summer holidays, aimed at students considering a career in Science. Students will spend the week studying the animals within the RZSS collection and have the opportunity to gain practical experience in a range of fieldwork and veterinary techniques.

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RZSS Conservation Action Team (CAT)

CAT is all about having fun, getting your hands dirty and working as part of a team to help wildlife in lots of different ways. From September to June, CAT is run for 2 hours, once a month, on a Saturday morning. The 10 sessions involve activities focused on practical conservation and include wildlife garden work, animal interaction and much more!

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