Meet our RAWR-some prehistoric beasts!

Step back in time

Immerse yourself in our walk-through exhibition included in your Edinburgh Zoo ticket and see prehistoric beasts come to life around you!

Join us for a T-riffic day at the zoo to meet these awe-inspiring dinosaurs against the backdrop of Scotland’s capital, in collaboration with Dino Don Inc.

The exhibition features moving and roaring animatronic dinosaurs – making it a real thrill for true adventurers!

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Adopt a dinosaur!

We are offering a T-riffic selection of dinosaur adoption packages for you to choose from. 

By purchasing a dinosaur adoption package, you are contributing to our charity’s vital conservation work in Scotland and around the world. You can find out more about the projects we support here.

For further information, please contact 

Adopt a dinosaur!

Our prehistoric beasts

  • Ankylosaurus

  • Brachiosaurus

  • Bracylophosaurus

  • Dromaeosaur

  • Gastonia

  • Maiasaura

  • Pachycephalosaurus

  • Parasaurolophus juvenile

  • Parasaurolophus

  • Stegosaurus

  • Tyrannosaurus rex

  • Triceratops juvenile

  • Triceratops

  • Troodon

  • Utahraptor

  • Velociraptor

And where to find them

Situated at the top of the hill, our dinosaur exhibition is an added value experience and is included in your zoo ticket. Check out the Dinosaurs! at Edinburgh Zoo map on our website which will show where you can find these prehistoric giants on your next visit.

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