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Welcome to Wee Beasties

A big attraction for the smallest of animals. This year round, indoor exhibition is home to a number of exciting species including reptiles, amphibians and insects. Located behind our penguins, this exhibition highlights the importance and diversity of ‘wee beasties’ and the role they play in our natural world.


Our conservation work with Partula snails

Did you know that RZSS has been involved with the conservation of Partula snails for over 30 years? In 2010 we were trusted with the very last captive individual of the Partula taeniata simulans subspecies, which through captive breeding at Edinburgh Zoo has subsequently been bred back to a safe level of several hundred individuals. The Zoo was awarded the prestigious “BIAZA Award for Significant Contribution to Conservation Breeding” in 2012 for saving this subspecies of Partula snail from extinction. 

Click on the link below to find out how RZSS and our project partners have been re-introducing this species to its native habitat in French Polynesia.

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