The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) is a wildlife conservation charity with a bold vision: a world where nature is protected, valued and loved.

Our mission is to save wildlife and empower people in Scotland and around the world to protect, value and love nature.

By 2030 RZSS will reverse the decline of at least 50 species – from pine hoverflies and wildcats in the Cairngorms National Park to giraffes in Uganda, giant anteaters in Brazil and many more. This document outlines how we will evidence the species recovery process.

Our work with beavers, pine hoverflies and wildcats is just the beginning for native wildlife, and our longstanding collaboration with the Budongo Conservation Field Station in Uganda is a prime example of our global conservation work.

In our conservation genetics lab, RZSS WildGenes, our team of experts use genetic data to generate conservation action for threatened species across the globe. By working collaboratively and sharing valuable genetic tools and data, we aim to provide long-term conservation management.

Giraffes in Uganda wild

IMAGE: Sarah Robinson 2017

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Pallas's cat


We are at the forefront of species conservation in Scotland and collaborate with partners on projects around the world.

Saving wild species
Magdalena Butowska WildGenes technician in the lab

IMAGE: Laura Daniels

At RZSS WildGenes we conduct cutting-edge conservation genetic and genomic research on a large range of threatened species.

RZSS WildGenes
two adults and baby wild chimpanzees in Budongo forest sitting on forest floor

So many endangered animals are vanishing in the wild. These animals need us to save them. If we don't help them - who will?

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