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As the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland is a conservation charity, Edinburgh Zoo has been working hard to help the environment in all sorts of ways. From hosting green events and engaging in conservation projects, all the way through to gaining environmental credentials called ISO 14001 and creating a dedicated APE Team, the Zoo is committed to reducing its impact on the environment.

It is important that we work to promote sustainability, and it is down to everyone to help, including you! If you want to get some useful tips to help reduce your environmental impact when you visit the zoo and at home, then click here

Environmental Policy Statement - Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo is owned by The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. The Society was founded in March 1909, and the Zoo opened in July 1913.

Mission statement: “To inspire and excite our visitors with the wonder of living animals and so to promote the conservation of threatened species and habitats”

Set in 82 acres of sloping parkland, the Zoo is situated three miles to the west of Edinburgh city centre.

Environmental goal:  “Strive for environmental sustainability in all our activities and ensure energy efficiency”

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland is a conservation organisation that makes a positive difference to the people it interacts with. Any person that visits, collaborates with or is employed by RZSS will have an understanding of its’ continual commitment to minimising the negative and maximizing the positive environmental impacts of our operations and prevention of pollution. We shall achieve this wherever possible through the establishment and implementation of an environmental management system which meets the requirements of the international standard, ISO 14001. This will also enable us to meet and wherever possible, exceed the conditions imposed by all applicable environmental legislation and other legal obligations.

Through the setting and review of environmental objectives and targets, Edinburgh Zoo will achieve continual improvement in environmental performance, specifically in the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Water usage & conservation
  • Biodiversity
  • Communication
  • Waste Processing
  • Compliance with environmental legislation

Through close cooperation with our employees, suppliers, sub-contractors and customers, we aim to be a role model for the visitors to our living collections and to set a new standard in environmental management in our field. RZSS will provide the opportunity for learning whilst generating a legacy of sustainable practices that will ensure the healthy growth of the organisation.

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