Above: Izzy the Golden Retriever after completing the Kiltwalk


On Sunday the 15 September, some dedicated supporters donned their best tartan and some walking boots to take part in Edinburgh’s Kiltwalk. We’re delighted to announce that together they have raised over £1,400 towards the campaign to bring giraffes to Edinburgh Zoo. A huge thank you to our walkers Robyn Youdan, Gillian Wood, Karen Blackport, Celia Brady, Christianne McKenzie, Ciaran Johnston and Izzy the Golden Retriever!

Above: Robyn Youdan


One of our walkers Robyn said:

“When the Stick your neck out for Giraffes campaign was announced by Edinburgh Zoo, I was really excited that there was something I could do to help make a difference. As I'm really passionate about conservation and doing everything we can to help animals around the world, I couldn't resist and signed up for the madness that was the 24 Mile Kiltwalk, immediately!

It was an amazing experience, the atmosphere so electric and positive. The best bit was crossing the finish line, knowing I had completed a distance I had never done before and raised the money I had. It's such an incredible feeling. Despite the sore muscles, I haven't been put off and will definitely be doing it again!”


The giraffe appeal aims to give giraffes a home at the top of Corstorphine Hill. Not only are giraffes our most requested animal from visitors, they also face a silent crisis in the wild that threatens their survival. Populations have plummeted due to poaching, habitat destruction, war and civil unrest. We will be raising awareness of the threats they face, at the same time as supporting vital conservation work in Africa to save them in the wild.  


 Above: Gillian Wood and friend

Gillian, who also took part in the Kiltwalk said:

“My husband and I visit the Zoo often with our 2-year-old son and are always inspired by the conservation work carried out either at the Zoo or in partnership with organisations elsewhere in the world. It's important for me to encourage our son Logan to be proactive in caring for our planet and its inhabitants and this seemed a good example to set.”

Thank you again to all our wonderful supporters.


If you’re feeling inspired and want to stick your neck out for giraffes just like our Kiltwalkers, please get in touch on supportus@rzss.org.uk. Alternatively, please click for our giraffe fundraising pack.

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