Koala joey peeks out at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo for the first time

A six-month-old koala joey has started to peek out of its mother’s pouch for the first time at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo.

The very sleepy looking Queensland koala was born in July to mum Alinga and will take another month or two to grow big enough to move onto her back.

As well as being members of a worldwide koala breeding programme, RZSS also supports conservation projects in Australia that help to rehabilitate sick and injured koalas and release them back into the wild.

Please note that Koala Territory opening hours may vary as the new joey settles in.


Update 12/3/19 - It's a girl!

Koala joey Kalari at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

Above: Kalari is regularly weighed by her keepers to monitor her progress. Photo by Kirsty McFaul

During a recent health check, the keepers have been able to confirm that our new joey is a girl! She has been named Kalari, an Aboriginal-inspired name meaning daughter.

Like all young joeys, she spends most of her time clinging to mum Alinga, so keepers use a soft toy to give her something to hold on to during health checks.



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