Edinburgh Zoo keeper shows off some of the donated items

 Above: An Edinburgh Zoo zoo keeper stands with a selection of donated gifts from previous years. 


Edinburgh Zoo & Highland Wildlife Park’s animals have been making their list, and checking it twice … a few have been a bit naughty but most have been nice!

Can you be their Santa and help make some of their Christmas wishes come true this year? One of the most novel ways to support RZSS is through donating (and recycling) everyday items that are needed by our expert enrichment team. These materials help to introduce something new and exciting to our animals’ habitats and encourage natural behaviours.

Are you expecting another stocking full of socks this year?! Why not donate your new or old (clean!) socks to our monkeys and chimps? our keepers can fill them with food items, creating their very own Christmas stockings over the festive period!

Have a house full of cardboard boxes from your online Christmas shopping? If you have any spare boxes, consider donating them to the Zoo, as we can use these to create some fun foraging activities.


Animal enrichment at Edinburgh Zoo with the red river hogs

Above: Everyday items such as cardboard boxes can provide great enrichment for pig and primate species.

Perhaps you’d prefer to donate something sweet. Food items such as peanut butter, honey, food colouring and flavourings, (palm oil free please) can provide a great treat for many of our animals, such as the lemurs and sun bears.

Below: Polar bear cub Hamish stands proudly with his donated Kong toy at our Highland Wildlife Park

Hamish the polar bear with a kong ball


If you don't have anything that we can recycle, there is also a range of items on our Amazon wishlists for both parks, for instance our lovely polar bear cub Hamish's favourite toy is an indestructible dog Kong that he received through a donation from a kind visitor!

In addition to some of the examples above, there are many other everyday items that our enrichment teams can use, from clothes to plant pots, check out our full wishlist. If you are feeling especially generous you can also donate through our Amazon Wishlists for Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park, which both have a whole host of suggested gifts from our keepers!

Thank you for thinking of our animals and from us all at RZSS, may we wish you a very merry Christmas!

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