Visitors to RZSS Edinburgh Zoo can now catch a glimpse of Scotland’s only western grey kangaroo joey just ahead of Mother’s Day.

The first ever joey to be born at the zoo arrived in early December and has recently started to peek out of mum Mia’s pouch.

Lorna Hughes, Team Leader at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo said: “This is the first kangaroo birth we’ve had at the Zoo so we are delighted.

“Kangaroos are marsupials, which means their young spend time developing in their mother’s pouch before becoming more independent. Our joey is now starting to peek out of the pouch, which is really exciting.

“It won’t be long before the joey fully emerges and starts bouncing around the enclosure, which is when we will find out if we have a little boy or girl and decide on a name.”

The joey joins other important species from Australia in our care such as the UK’s only koalas, a mob of wallabies and a pair of cassowaries.


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