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Giant Lanterns Selfie Guide

08/02/2018 in Edinburgh Zoo

Have you visited our Giant Lanterns of China event and fallen in love with the craftsmanship and artistry? Did you know you could win one of these fabulous Lanterns simply by taking a selfie?

RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, in partnership with the VYA Creative Lantern Company, DDM Entertainment and Events Inc are offering a kingfisher lantern to the visitor who takes our favourite Giant Lanterns photograph during the event.

Taking photos after dark isn’t always easy so we’ve come up with a quick 5-step guide to ensure you light up your social media thread with your best shots:

1 Use your flash

When taking photos at night against a bright background it is easy to backlight yourself and appear as a silhouette.

Make sure you shine alongside our lanterns and remember to turn on your flash!


2 Keep it steady

At night your camera will compensate for the low light levels by slowing the shutter speed.

Any movement when you take your photos will result in some blurry pictures. Avoid blurry photos by using a selfie stick, tripod, or by asking a friend to help you!


3 Experiment

As beautiful as the lanterns are, thousands of visitors will be taking photos at this event.  Add even more interest to your photos by playing with angles and composition. If you have access to them on your phone or camera, why not experiment with different filters?


4 Leave enough space

Remember that these lantern’s are GIANT and a selfie just isn't a selfie without you and your friends in the picture.

Remember to leave enough space for you, your friends and the lantern in the photo!


5 Share it!

When you get your  favourite shot don’t forget to share it with us @Edinburgh Zoo #GiantLanterns

For more information about how to enter our competition please visit:


Good luck!

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