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Testimonials from some previous spider phobia workshop attendees.

May 2018

“I feel so much more positive about spiders after the course and am so pleased with how much progress I made. One spider successfully captured and released from my kitchen already! Everyone who helped run the course was fantastic and made it a very positive experience. Thank you.”

November 2017

“The whole experience was amazing. The staff were fantastic, very patient, supportive and encouraging. The people on my group were great too. I not only was able to catch a spider at the end of the course but was also able to have one crawl over my hands too. I never imagined that I would have been able to do that but I even had pictures taken for proof! Big thank you to everyone involved.”

November 2017

“Everyone, from the presenters to the volunteers, were helpful, friendly and understanding which made a huge difference. Almost immediately after the day I felt more comfortable with the idea of dealing with spiders, but it was only when I had to deal with a huge spider in my house a month after the session that I realised just how helpful it had been. Previously I would have got my husband to deal with it, but I managed to do so on my own, relatively calmly and humanely for the spider. This is a huge change and I’m really grateful.”

November 2017

“This is a fantastic course and I'd recommend it to anyone with a spider phobia. The staff involved with the capture & release session said that we wouldn't believe what we could be capable of. I went from being terrified to be in a room with a spider to being able to have one walk over my hands. If you have a spider phobia that is impacting your life, do this course. It will change your life.”

October 2017

“Fantastic. Never ever expected to get as far as I did thanks to the course. The zoo keepers especially were fantastic and confident with a great knowledge. They were also a great support. Can't thank them enough. When I arrived home there was a spider in the kitchen and I caught and released it. Normally I would have closed all the doors and ran out the room.”

May 2017

“I cannot believe the difference! A day after the course, I not only did a 'catch and release' of a pretty hefty spider in my house, but I took my eyes off it to get a glass and card. That wouldn't have even been a possibility before the course. I didn't even get the crazy surge of adrenaline that normally appears. I am absolutely amazed at the difference it has already made to my life. I no longer check rooms for spiders when I walk into them and I am confident dealing with them by myself. There are not enough thanks in the world! I very much appreciated the help and support given, particularly the jovial delivery in the last session. The last 1:1 hypnotherapy exercise was the most valuable and calmed me down enough to conquer the biggest fear I have. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


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