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23rd & 24th January 2019 | Level: S1 - S4 Students

Title: Silent Forest: Asian Songbird Crisis

Bookings are now open.

For more information see our teacher invitation and to book your place email us at [email protected]


Global Classroom Conferences

One-day student conferences held at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo. Your school can apply to take part in a day of interactive workshops based in and around the park. The conference is FREE as part of the charitable objectives of RZSS.


About Global Classroom

The Global Classroom Initiative began in 2005 as a way to engage upper secondary school students with Global Citizenship and Environmental issues. The aim is to foster responsible citizens, successful learners, confident individuals and effective contributors to both Scottish society and beyond. Due to the success of this event for upper secondary, it was later expanded into lower secondary.

Secondary Global Classroom events currently occur biannually:

November - S5-S6 Conference

February - S1-S4 Conference

Due to our limited capacity each school can bring a maximum of 15 students

Each year the students have a series of talks and interactive workshops throughout the day linking to the theme of the conference. The students also have some time to experience Edinburgh Zoo and there is optional Panda viewing on each day.


Details and dates of the conference will be announced approximately two months prior to the event, after which interested schools are welcome to apply for places.

To register interest in our Global Classroom Programmes please email [email protected]

To date the themes for the conferences have been:

2005 – Into Africa – an African Perspective – on Global Citizenship
2006 – Making a Difference – Local Enterprise, Global Impact
2007 – Climate Change – myth or reality?
2008 – Surviving Climate Change? – adapting to change
2009 – Welcome Home?  - Species re-introductions occur globally, but are they always welcome and do they work?
2010 – Biodiversity is Life
2011 – Invasive Species – Living with the alien threat
2012 - 21st Century Zoo - the role of the modern zoo
2013 - Sustainability, What's it really got to do with me?
2014 - Ecosystems: Recharged!
2015 - SOS: Save Our Soils!
2016 - Biodiversity of Africa
2017/18 - Silent Forest: Asian Songbird Crisis

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