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There are two giant pandas here at Edinburgh Zoo - Yang Guang and Tian Tian.

Yang Guang is our male panda whose name means Sunshine in Mandarin and Tian Tian is our female panda whose name means Sweetie. Both pandas were born in August 2003 and turned 18 years old in 2021.

These two are the only giant pandas in the UK and arrived at Edinburgh Zoo in 2011 as part of a 10 year agreement which includes donations from our charity to support giant panda conservation, welfare and research in China.

We know lots of you have questions about giant panda breeding and the species’ future at Edinburgh Zoo - read our latest update and FAQs for the latest information. 

Fun facts!

  • 99% of a giant panda's diet consists of different types of bamboo - Yang Guang can eat up to 100kg of bamboo every day!
  • They are largely solitary but they do communicate through calls and scent marking and occasionally meet outside of the mating season
  • Female pandas are only able to conceive for two to three days a year. This short mating season makes successful breeding very difficult
  • An adult panda is roughly 900 times bigger than a new-born cub

Did you know that £55 would buy lunch for one of the pandas? You can help care for Yang Guang and Tian Tian, and protect threatened animals around the world, by donating today - if you can, please support our Survival Fund.

And remember you can watch Yang Guang enjoying his outdoor enclosure on our Panda Cam

Visiting the pandas

  • You do not need to book a separate panda viewing time slot in addition to your zoo admission tickets - though you may have to queue as this pair are very popular!
  • Animal exhibits may be closed to visitors without notice and at anytime for animal welfare reasons. We cannot guarantee you will see all of the animals, or a specific animal, on your visit

  • No flash photography is allowed. Please make sure you know how to turn your flash off

  • The pandas are active both day and night but as their activity patterns can vary each day, and with the changing seasons, there is no guarantee that they will be active at a particular time

How we're helping

While positive developments for giant pandas in recent years include their IUCN status changing from endangered to vulnerable, there are fewer than 2,000 giant pandas left in the wild and their habitat is in decline. 

Yang Guan and Tian Tian are part of a vital international breeding programme and we have been playing an important role in giant panda conservation, education and research - providing expertise in areas including nutrition, genetics and veterinary medicine, as well as financial support to protect their native environment.

Like all the animals in our care, our pandas play a critically important role in attracting and engaging hundreds of thousands of visitors each year so they can learn about the threats animals face in the wild and the action they can take to help. Their power to connect with people with nature and encourage behaviour change is invaluable. 

Each visit to Edinburgh Zoo also supports conservation, research and education here in Scotland and around the world. You can help care for our animals and protect wildlife around the world by visiting our parks, joining RZSS as a member, adopting your favourite species and much more.

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