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Tiger Tracks

Enter our new state-of-the-art tiger exhibit

Get closer than ever before as you come face to face with our Sumatran tigers in their new enclosure.

Tiger Tracks is more than three times the size of our previous Sumatran tiger enclosure. It features a spectacular ground level viewing tunnel for visitors as well as a high level viewing area. Tiger Tracks will also boast climbing structures for the tiger pair, a feeding post, heated rocks to relax on, ponds to splash in and a new indoor house.

The Sumatran tiger is a subspecies of tiger found only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and it is estimated that fewer than 400 of these majestic tigers are left in the wild. Whilst these tigers are protected by law in Indonesia, increased deforestation and poaching has led to their significant decline and, without help, the Sumatran tiger faces the very real threat of extinction.

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Tiger tracks map

  • Demonstration farm

    Discover how farmland surrounding the rainforest is leading to human and wildlife conflict, and putting tigers in danger.

  • Plants and foliage

    The tropical planting provides dense cover for camouflage and interesting smells for the tigers to explore. There are also plenty of scratching posts and places to scent mark. 

  • Tunnel

    Fully immerse yourself in our Tiger Tracks exhibit by entering into the viewing tunnel... if you dare! (It's not only you that gets a good view!)

  • Tiger house

    The specially designed indoor house includes the indoor show den, as well as off-show enclosures to allow easy veterinary access and keeper preparation areas. 

  • Tiger outlook hut

    Look down across the main outdoor enclosure of Tiger Tracks - a great spot to watch any activity on the hot rock and in the pool! Discover the conservation outlook for tigers also.

  • Tiger patrol truck

    Get on the tiger tracking trail - learn more about the equipment researchers out in the field use when studying tigers and protecting their habitat. It's also a great photo opportunity - remember to tag us using #TigerTracks when you share online! 

  • Climbing frame

    Cats like to see what is going on! The climbing frame provides the ideal height advantage to get a good view. A hammock made from recycled fire hose, in the lower levels provides a nice comfy dry bed. 


  • Pool

    The pool is an ideal spot for the tigers to cool off on a hot day, it is also another source of drinking water alongside the troughs in the indoor enclosures. 

  • Hot rock

    The hot rock, situated just up the hill from the pool provides the ideal heated pad for lounging. Be sure to visit the top viewing platform to get the best view!

  • Tiger forest view

    The Lower viewing platform provides excellent views down into the existing outdoor tiger enclosure. Also see satellite images of Sumatran rainforest taken from space.

Meet Our Tigers

  • Jambi

    Jambi is the most recent arrival, coming to Edinburgh from Berlin in summer 2015. The magnificent male is currently 14 years old. Of the two, he is the more laid back tiger and enjoys a good sleep!

    • Sex


    • Birthday

      7 September 2002

    • Born

      Dudley Zoo, UK

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It is estimated that as few as 400 of these majestic tigers may be left in the wild.

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