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Welcome to Koala Territory

Meet Goonaroo, Alinga, Tanami and Kalari. Make your way through our eucalyptus garden, adorned with indigenous artwork before arriving at the internal viewing areas. Alinga will be the first to greet you as you enter. This is the best photo opportunity so don't forget your camera! The interpretation will reveal much of the hidden world of koalas, such as how a Koala's body works, what their threats are in the wild and the journey of a joey.

New Arrival

On the 18 January 2019 we were delighted to announce that a 6-month old koala joey has been seen peeking it's head out of mum, Alinga's pouch. Click here to watch the video... During a recent health check, the keepers have been able to confirm that our new joey is a girl! She has been named Kalari, an Aboriginal-inspired name meaning daughter.

* Please note that this exhibit operates on reduced opening hours, please ask on arrival for more details about availability.


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Meet Kalari

Fun koala facts

  • Koalas spend between 18 and 22 hours a day sleeping, to help them digest the highly toxic eucalyptus leaves they eat

  • Koalas are not bears, they are marsupials. This means they have a pouch where their young develop.

  • Koalas are usually solitary animals, each with their own home range or territory.

Meet our koalas

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