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The Giant Panda Exhibit

Edinburgh Zoo is home to the only giant pandas in the UK - Tian Tian, our female panda whose name means sweetie, and Yang Guang, our male panda whose name means sunshine.

They have very similar, but separate, enclosures here at the zoo as in the wild giant pandas are solitary animals that only meet once a year during the breeding season.

Yang Guang and Tian Tian moved into a new home at the top of the hill in 2019 and have settled in really well into this more peaceful and natural location at the zoo.

Their large outdoor areas have lots of trees, large wooden climbing frames and ponds for them to explore, play and snooze on.

Each panda also has an off show area where keepers weigh the pandas each morning, carry out important daily training, and allow them to choose to spend time away from visitors if they need some peace and quiet.

Please be aware indoor and outdoor viewing for any of our animals may be closed at short notice for health checks and welfare reasons.

Tian Tian often chooses to spend most of her time in off show areas when she is going through the normal hormonal changes during breeding season - this is usual for a period of time in spring when she comes into season, and then again over August and September.

We know lots of you have questions about giant panda breeding and the species’ future at Edinburgh Zoo - read our latest update and FAQs for the latest information.

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Visiting the Giant Pandas

  • You do not need to book a seperate panda viewing time slot in addition to your zoo admission tickets - though you may have to queue as this pair are very popular!
  • Animal exhibits may be closed to visitors without notice and at anytime for animal welfare reasons. We cannot guarantee you will see all of the animals, or a specific animal, on your visit.

  • No flash photography is allowed in the giant panda exhibit. Please make sure you know how to turn your flash off

  • The pandas are active both day and night but as their activity patterns can vary each day, and with the changing seasons, there is no guarantee that they will be active at a particular time

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