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Welcome to Brilliant Birds

Brilliant birds is an immersive walkthrough exhibit filled with exotic species from around the world.

When you enter you will be greeted by some of our smallest residents, including banded archerfish, green spotted pufferfish, and even our colony of leaf-cutter ants.

Step through to the aviary and meet our brilliant birds, including Nicobar pigeons, swift parrots and rainbow lorikeets. Plus, keep an eye out for Nymeria our large hairy armadillo!

You can help feed and care for our birds and other threatened animals around the world by donating today - if you can, please support our Survival Fund.

Please note, our lorikeet walkthrough is currently closed due to required safety measures

Fun facts!

  • The Nicobar pigeon is the closest living relative to the dodo
  • Swift parrots only breed in Tasmania and timing may vary with the flowering of the Tasmanian blue gum
  • Lorikeets are often referred to as ‘brush-tongued parrots’ due to the hair-like structures on their tongues which help them extract nectar to feed on
  • Victoria crowned pigeons tend to mate for life, the males carry out a courtship display involving bowing of the head and tail.

How we're helping

As a wildlife conservation charity, we care for both the animals here at the zoo and work to protect endangered species around the world.

From providing genetics expertise and veterinary health, to protecting wild places with local conservation partners, and even restoring threatened species to the wild, we are active where we are needed most.

Find out more about some of our conservation projects.

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Meet some of our Brilliant Birds:

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