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There are three red pandas here at Edinburgh Zoo - Bruce, Ginger and their kit, Ruby who was born here in 2021.

Both Bruce and Ginger were born in 2015, Bruce came to Edinburgh in 2016 while Ginger arrived in 2017. 

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Fun facts!

  • Red pandas share similarities with both the bear and racoon family. Their classification has caused controversy since they were first described in 1825, but today they are placed in their own separate family
  • Like the giant panda, red pandas have a modified wrist bone that acts like a sixth digit or false thumb. This helps them grip branches and their favourite food, bamboo
  • The name "panda" comes from the Nepalese word "nigalya panya", which means "bamboo eater”
  • They are excellent climbers thanks to their semi-retractable claws, and when not searching for food, they are usually found in the trees

How we're helping

In the wild red pandas are at particular risk from habitat loss. Although they are protected in most of their native range they are still hunted illegally for their fur. Their long bushy tail is highly prized as a good luck charm for Chinese newlyweds.

Our red pandas are part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP).

In China, red pandas can be found within many of the reserves that were established to protect the giant panda. We play an important role in panda conservation including providing financial support to protect their native environment, which benefits both species.

Find out more about panda conservation.

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