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We are currently home to a couple of species of poison arrow frogs, including the phantasmal poison arrow frog.

Location in the zoo

They can be found in the tanks within our Wee Beasties exhibit.

In the wild

The phantasmal poison arrow frog (Epipedobates tricolor) live on the Andean slopes in central Ecuador, in forests near streams between 1000 to 1769m above sea level.

They are very small and range in size from 1cm to 4cm. They eat ants, beetles, flies, mites, spiders, termites and caterpillars.

These frogs have highly toxic skin, which is a result of their diet. The poison is made from a combination of chemicals from each insect, this then collects in glands in the frogs’ skin.

This poison is so toxic that only 2 micrograms is needed to be fatal to humans.

To reproduce the males wrestle each other to win the attention of the female. the females will then lay between one and thirty eggs underneath a leaf which are cared for by both sexes. When the eggs hatch, one of the parents carries the  tadpole on its back to a water source. 



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