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We are currently home to a small colony of northern rockhopper penguins. They are the smallest species of penguins we have at Edinburgh Zoo, but what they lack in size they made up for in attitude!

On World Penguin Day, 25 April 2017, our keepers were delighted to announce the arrival of the Zoo’s first rockhopper penguin chick in eight years.

In 2018 we had further success with three chicks hatching. 

Location in the zoo

They can be found in Penguins Rock.

Our rockhoppers start nesting in February/March each year, in what is called the creche area of Penguins Rock. Any eggs will be laid in March/April with any chicks hatching at the end of April or the beginning of May. If you visit the zoo in August/September, you will see the rockhoppers looking particularly scruffy as they go through their annual moult.

Breeding Programme Category

Our northern rockhoppers are managed by the European Stud Book programme.


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