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Mindanao bleeding-heart dove


Mindanao bleeding-heart dove

Mindanao bleeding-heart dove

We currently have one male Mindanao bleeding-heart dove.

Location in the Zoo

He can be found in our Brilliant Birds aviary.

Breeding programme category:

The Mindanao bleeding-heart dove is part of the European Studbook (ESB) programme.

In the Wild

The Mindanao bleeding-heart dove (Gallicolumba crinigera) is a remarkably coloured pigeon and is one of 11 bleeding-heart species.

Their name comes from the large almost blood-red patch on their chest. This patch varies slightly in shape and colour among the different species; with the Mindanao having a patch that is larger and more uniformly dark red which contrasts with its white breast and throat. The male and female are similar except for the colour of the iris; the male’s is blue whilst the female’s is purplish.

They spend much of their time on the ground searching for food, looking out for seeds, fallen berries, worms and other insects and only perching in a tree when roosting and breeding

The Mindanao bleeding-heart is a very shy bird and are very good at hiding, so can be hard to spot. Its tendency to conceal itself may be why it is rarely seen. When threatened, they prefer to run away from danger, flying only a short distance when disturbed.

These birds can only be found in the Philippines, in the past it was found in many different regions, but since 1980 they have only been seen in the islands of Bohol and Mindanao.

These birds are rapidly declining as a result of extensive destruction of its preferred habitats for logging and mining.

There are several protected areas, including Rajah Sikatuna National Park on Bohol, however the actual protection provided varies greatly between parks, and in some, habitat destruction continues. There are also laws restricting the hunting of this species but are rarely enforced. Increased enforcement of protected areas, hunting laws and the creation of new reserves, is needed help stop the decline of the Mindanao bleeding-heart dove.

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Population is decreasing, IUCN May 2012


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