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There are two sun bears living here at Edinburgh Zoo - Babu and Rotana.

Babu, our female, was born in 2015 and moved here last year from a zoo in the Czech Republic. Rotana, our male, was born in 2003 and originally found in a tiny cage in a private home in Cambodia.

We rehomed Rotana in 2010 as part of our charity’s wildlife conservation work with Free the Bears.

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Fun facts!

  • Sun bears are the world’s rarest and smallest species of bear, standing at around 1.2 metres tall
  • Their tongue can reach a whopping 25 cm long and they use it to extract honey and insects from inside trees
  • Unlike other bear species, sun bears do not hibernate as their food is available year-round
  • They get their name from the crescent-shaped patch of fur on their chest that resembles a rising sun

How we're helping

Sun bears are one of the rarest species of bear on the planet. They face serious threats from the illegal wildlife trade as well as rapid destruction of their habitat.

We have been helping to protect this amazing species since Rotana was rescued from the illegal pet trade in Cambodia and rehomed here in Edinburgh in 2010.

Our expert veterinary team work with Free The Bears, the world's largest sanctuary for the species, and we provide funding for their life-saving work.

Babu and Rotana are also part of the European Endangered Species Programme.

Find out more about sun bear conservation

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