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We’re home to two Linne’s two-toed sloths at Edinburgh Zoo - a male named Moana and a female named Feira.  

Mo and Fe made their debut in the brand-new Sloths and Armadillos area in August 2021. See their arrival in their new purpose-built enclosure 

You can help feed and care for Mo, Fe and other threatened animals around the world by donating today - if you can, please support our Survival Fund. 

Fun facts! 

  • They spend most of their time up high in the trees, only coming down to go to the toilet 
  • Sloths spend almost their entire lives upside down. Their hair has flipped around to deal with it this. Unlike other mammals, it grows out from the middle of their belly which lets rainwater easily flow off them 
  • They are s l o w, only reaching top speeds of up to 0.1mph 

How we’re helping  

As a wildlife conservation charity, we care for both the animals here at the zoo and work to protect endangered species around the world. 

From providing genetics expertise and veterinary health, to protecting wild places with local conservation partners, and even restoring threatened species to the wild, we are active where we are needed most. 

Find out more about some of our conservation projects.

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