Animals & Attractions

We are currently home to a small group of grey-legged douroucouli. 

Location in the zoo

Our douroucouli can be found in the Magic Forest.

Breeding Programme Category

Our grey-legged douroucouli are managed by the European Stud Book (EBS) programme.

In the wild

Grey-legged douroucouli (Aotus lemurinus griseimembra) are the only true nocturnal monkey and inhabit the forests of South America. They are also known as the northern night monkey.

Their diet consists mainly of fruits, insects, nectar and leaves. They measure between 27 - 37 inches in body length, although their tail more than makes up for this, in some cases it can be equal to the body length!

Douroucouli live in family groups comprising of two to five individuals.

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