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We have a small group of drills consisting of two females and a young male that arrived here from Hanover in 2016.

Breeding Category Programme:

The drills are managed by the European Endanagered Species Programme (EEP).

Location in the Zoo:

Our drills can be found in the Monkey House.

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Not Endangered NE
Data Deficient DD
Least Concern LC
Near Threatened NT
Vulnerable VU
Endangered EN
Critically Endangered CR
Extinct in the wild EW
Extinct EX


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Relative to 6ft (2m) man Relative to 6ft (2m) man


IUCN May 2008


  • Rainforests



Omnivore Omnivore
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In The Wild

Drills (Mandrillus leucophaeus) are primates that are closely related to baboons and mandrills. The drill is similar in appearance to the mandrill, but lacks the distinctive face coloration of a mandrill.

In the wild, drills mostly live in the lowland and coastal forests of Western Africa. Drills are found in the countries of Cameroon, Nigeria, and on the coastal island of Bioko.

They mainly forage on the ground or in the lower levels of the trees. They are generally frugivorous (fruit eaters), although they will also take a range of plants, seeds and insects.

They are Africa’s rarest and most threatened primate and are under severe threat from habitat destruction and hunting. They are the preferred game-hunting animal in some areas as they stand their ground when threatened and can easily be picked off by the hunters’ guns.

Baby Drill born in October 2011