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Chilean rose tarantula

Our Chilean rose tarantula (Grammostola rosea) can be seen in our Wee Beasties exhibit. The Chilean rose tarantula is a carnivore and eats insects and small animals. They are often found in the deserts and dry scrublands of South America


Did you know:

Their hairs are extremely sensitive (like cats’ whiskers), helping them move around in the dark

They have a painful, venomous bite – but it is not strong enough to kill a human



These impressive spiders have always been very popular in the pet trade

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Not Endangered NE
Data Deficient DD
Least Concern LC
Near Threatened NT
Vulnerable VU
Endangered EN
Critically Endangered CR
Extinct in the wild EW
Extinct EX

Data Deficient

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This species has not been evaluated


  • Desert



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