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There are two groups of brown capuchins at Edinburgh Zoo.

Capuchins are very intelligent and inquisitive monkeys. They are also very sociable, and each capuchin has a quite distinct personality. They like to investigate everything in their environment, often by taking it apart. This can make working with capuchins a little challenging!

Location in the zoo

Our brown capuchins can be found in our Living Links Centre.

In the wild

Brown capuchins (Sapajus apella apella), also known as tufted capuchins, are South American monkeys. They are mostly found in the Amazon Basin and nearby regions. They are omnivorous, eating mostly fruits, seeds, and insects, and sometimes small lizards, frogs, or bird chicks. They supplement their varied diet with flowers, stems, and leaves. 

Brown capuchins are active during the day, and spend most of their time in the understory and mid-canopy of the forest. They often come down to the ground to forage. Brown capuchins typically weigh between 2 – 5 kg, with males usually being larger than females. These monkeys have a prehensile tail, and are the only species of capuchin monkey that carries its tail in a tight coil.

They are hunted for food by humans, and are often illegally captured to be sold as pets. They are also threatened by habitat destruction and population decline has been noted in some parts of the brown capuchins’ range.


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