Animals & Attractions

We are currently home to a small bachelor herd of banteng. 

Location in the zoo

Our banteng can be found in the paddock just North of the Mansion House.

Breeding Programme 

Our banteng are managed by the European Endangered Species Programme.

In the wild

The banteng (Bos javanicus javanicus) is also known as the tembadau and is a species of wild cattle found in southeast Asia; They are social creatures that spend most of their time in herds of between 2 and 40 individuals, usually led by an older cow and a single mature male. Other males live either alone or in bachelor groups. This single male of the group breeds with all the females which means that competition for dominance is fierce. Usually a single calf is born after a 285 day gestation, they are then weaned at between six to nine months old. 

They are found throughout south east Asia including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. They prefer to live in dry deciduous forests, feeding in open clearings. 

The banteng suffer from hunting and habitat loss, also a number of populations have been domesticated and mating between domestic and feral cattle has lowered the gene pool.

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