Animals & Attractions

Edinburgh Zoo went full 360 for Edinburgh Science Festival 2017! Immerse yourself amoungst the meerkats, penguins and lemurs via the links below:


> Meerkats 360

Watch the meerkats enjoy foraging in a ball pool donated by Players of People’s Postcode Lottery as part of the Zoo’s enrichment programme.


> Mingle with the lemurs 360

 Enter into our conspiracy of ring-tail lemurs and watch them enjoy a scatter feed at close quarters.


> Penguin feed 360

Watch our colony of gentoo penguins enjoying one of their regular feeds at Penguins Rock!


> Penguin swim 360

Hover about the penguins as they swim in the pool at Penguins Rock!


> Giant Armadillo release in Brazil


> Budongo Conservation Field Station - Butterflies


> Budongo Conservation Field Station - Chimpanzees


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