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Budongo Trail

The Budongo Trail

Edinburgh Zoo's Budongo Trail allows visitors to see our chimpanzees in the world's most innovative, interactive chimpanzee enclosure. Watch these amazing creatures in their home and learn all about the links between humans and our closest relative. The exhibit boasts a huge indoor-outdoor environment that can house up to 40 chimps. The Outdoor climbing and vegetation area provides fun, foraging, and exercise, and stimulates the chimps to use and show natural physical, social and mental behaviours that you would see in the wild. There is also a network of indoor rooms for the chimps with different environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and lighting, so each can have a preferred "hangout". Its not all about the Chimpanzees though! There are plenty of areas for visitors with viewing galleries, plasma screens, interactive displays, murals and live plants.

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  • Frek
    Frek Male - Born: 21/10/93

    “Arrived in Edinburgh Zoo in 2010 from Beekse-Bergen Safari Park in the Netherlands. Frek is very easy-going and playful but is supportive to Paul in disputes. Generally he has a relaxed demeanour. Frek was the most-recently introduced member of the group from Holland, so has spent less time with his group than any other chimp. It remains to be seen whether this will have an effect on his behaviour when the two groups are integrated.”

  • Cindy
    Cindy Female - Born: 15/10/64

    “Cindy was born in the wild, and is our oldest female. She is a grandmother within the group. Lyndsey is her daughter, who in turn is mother to both Kindia and Kilimi. Cindy is a fairly low-ranking chimp, and you may see her presenting her rear to the dominant males, an act of submission. Cindy is very clever, and enjoys attention from the keepers, preferring to sit inside and watch them clean of a morning! As well as the sweeter fruits, Cindy loves to eat stronger-flavoured foods such as leeks and spring onions.”

  • David
    David Male - Born: 2/3/75

    “David was born at Edinburgh Zoo, and along with Louis, used to be one of the most dominant chimps, keeping the others in line. He is well respected within the group, and although not the most dominant chimp, he still helps to sort out any disputes. He is a valuable chimp for either Qafzeh or Kindia to have on their side during the dominance dispute, but which one of these candidates he will fully support remains to be seen.”

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